The Best Prom Ever

Prom 2016Prom was amazing this year. I wore the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. The moment I tried my dress on, I knew it was the one I wanted to wear to my senior prom. I wanted that night to be one I would remember forever, and that’s exactly what it was.

Inside Edition was part of my whole day. I wasn’t sure how that would work, because last year I had a tough experience with something very similar. Last year, I had a German TV crew film the whole prom day, and it was a bit of a mess. I never thought I would do something like that again, but I did so because I knew it would be a positive thing for me in the end.

I was so excited to wear my dress, and that morning I was anxious. I had worked so hard getting a party bus together for my friends, and the day finally had arrived. I couldn’t wait to get on the bus with all my friends, go eat and have a great time. That morning, the interviewers and camera crew arrived at my house early enough to get footage while leaving me the rest of the day to do prom stuff. After the interview, the makeup and hair ladies got there.


Makeup was first on the list. The lady who did my makeup was so nice and was the best at doing makeup. I never knew someone could be that good at makeup! I’m still not sure which was my favorite – my dress or my makeup. The entire day I got compliments on how great my makeup was. I wish she could come to my house and do my makeup every day!

After makeup was hair. The stylist also was great. I showed her a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like, and she did not disappoint. My hair looked better than the picture I showed her. Having my hair done was the best feeling. My hair last year was terrible. It was too short to have any kind of style, because it was still growing out after the fire. This year, my hair looked great, and that felt amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better glam team.

Finally, I put my dress on, shot a little bit of film and was on my way to meet my friends. Putting on my dress felt great. Last year, I was wearing long sleeves and a dress I didn’t like that well. It was hard to find something that worked with the garments I had to wear during my recovery. But this year, I was happy I could wear a dress I was in love with.


After taking pictures, we went to meet the bus at our school. We took some more pictures and were on our way. The ride to the restaurant was so fun. We were in a huge party bus with 24 people. We went to J. Alexander’s in Cincinnati, and the food was great. We all enjoyed ourselves, and the best part was that a Bengals football player paid for our food! Our server came over and told us someone had paid for all of our meals, and we were shocked. She told us who it was, and we were even more shocked. None of us saw that coming!

In our group of friends, we are all so different, but we get along great. We all hung out after prom and had a great time. That was the best prom ever, and I definitely think it was the most fun I’ve had in a while.

I can’t believe my senior prom has come and gone. I’m sad about it, but at the same time I am ready to see what my future has in store for me.

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