A New Outlook on Relationships

Relationships are always a huge part of everybody’s life. They are constantly changing, for a lot of different reasons. For me, going through a completely life-altering experience has changed all of my relationships.

I am closer with my family and with most of my friends. In particular, my brother and I have gotten super close. We used to be very distant from each other and never wanted to be around each other. Now we are closer and like to hang out together. We don’t fight, and we always have a good time. I credit that to the accident and how I changed my outlook on life and on the relationships around me.

I’m also super close to most of my friends. We all realized that we care about each other and we don’t want to be immature about little things that can affect relationships.

In some cases, though, I’ve grown apart from people. I have come to accept the fact that change happens in every relationship, and I’m OK with that. I understand there is no way around it, and that in fact it can be a good thing in the end.

I always strive to be the bigger and better person in every situation, and I don’t do anything to hurt someone intentionally. That said, I don’t tolerate being walked all over and made a fool of. I value my relationships, and I never take them for granted. I like to be mature and civil about things, and sometimes people have problems with that. I think realizing all of these things is a natural part of life that people go through to grow up and help get them to the next stage in their lives.

For me, the fire and my recovery taught me not to let small things bother me, especially in relationships. You can lose someone—you can lose everything—so quickly. It’s not worth it to dwell on silly things. I want to enjoy the people I’m with, and I want to show them how much I care about them. Every day is a new opportunity, and I don’t want to waste a minute.

As I get ready to leave for college, I know I’ll probably lose touch with some people who have been in my life. I think that’s another natural part of life, though; people are with you for a certain time for certain reasons, and that’s perfectly OK.

I’ve tried to spend my time since the accident being a better person, someone who makes the world better for others. I know I’m not perfect! But I know myself and I know I have a good heart, and I feel confident about who I am and who I’m becoming.

I think that if you try to do your best every single day, and you treat people well and with love, those relationships are what makes your life beautiful and meaningful.

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