A Truly Super Sunday

Kilee and CarterOn Monday, Feb. 8, 2016, Carter René Brookbank was born. She weighed 6 pounds, 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. She definitely made her arrival an exciting one!

It was Super Bowl Sunday and we had just gotten home from eating dinner for my dad’s birthday, being that his birthday is on the 10th and we wouldn’t be with him that week. Everyone sat down on the couch to watch the Super Bowl except for me. I had to bake Dad’s cookie cake still. He loves cookies and I love to bake, so we do his birthdays every year like this.

After baking the cookie cake, I went and sat on the couch with my dad; my brother, Cameron; and my step-mom, Brooke. We were all just relaxing and talking on the couch, when Brooke looked at my dad and said, “Uh oh. Something just happened.” She jumped off the couch and tried to run up the stairs but couldn’t make it because her water had just broken. We all jumped up off the couch, nervous because we had never been in that situation before.

We had been telling my dad for a couple weeks that he should get his bag packed for the hospital, but of course he wasn’t ready. I helped Brooke get everything she needed, while Cameron cleaned the floor where Brooke’s water had broken and Dad packed his bag. We were a mess! After we got all our stuff together, we headed for the hospital, about 40 minutes from our house.

Cameron and I were behind Dad and Brooke by about 10 minutes. They got there very fast. When we got there, we had to find their room, which was a task in itself. Once we got to the room, Dad and Brooke were all smiles. They were so happy that Brooke had gone into labor when we were with them. It would have been so hard on Cameron and me if we hadn’t been there when everything happened.

Brooke’s nurse was great. She kept us informed the entire night. Cameron and I were in the room from the time we got there until Brooke could start pushing. We only left once when she was getting the epidural. Brooke was in labor for 10 hours. It was the longest 10 hours of my life! It felt like we were waiting forever. I didn’t sleep that whole night, or the day after. I was just so anxious to finally meet Carter.

It was the most exciting experience ever. Once we finally got to meet Carter, we were so happy. She was a beautiful, perfect baby girl. We were ecstatic that she was healthy and finally here.

I’m so happy that she will call me her cool older sister. I can’t wait to be that for her. We are all incredibly happy to finally have her around. She’s already one month old and it doesn’t feel like that long ago we were awaiting her arrival. I love getting to go home and see her!

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