Kilee Brookbank

Kilee Brookbank was just 16 when she was caught in a house explosion and burned on 45% of her body. Today she is a thriving author, speaker and advocate!

Kilee Brookbank

Listen to Kilee speak at Luzerne County Community College’s 2018 commencement.

Kilee Brookbank

Kilee has traveled across the United States to share her inspiring message, reminding audiences to take pride in who they are, what they have accomplished and the scars they’ve won.

Kilee Brookbank gives back

“My favorite thing to do is to interact with the patients at Shriners. I hope to inspire them to want to keep getting better and to keep trying harder. I love being able to help people.”

– Kilee Brookbank

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“I love telling my story to new people, because so many say they find it uplifting and meaningful. It is so much fun being able to connect with people!”

– Kilee Brookbank

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Kilees Books

Kilee's Books

"Beautiful Scars" and "Digger The Hero Dog"

In her books, Kilee shares her family’s true story of recovering from the fire that destroyed their home. Kilee’s books encourage readers to push beyond their boundaries to make an impact on others along the way.

"My scars don't define me, but they have given me a new life. A different life. A life worth living. I'm defined by my actions and how I started to live despite my scars."

- Kilee Brookbank

Kilee Brookbank

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